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Monday, June 9th 2008

20:27 (4975 days, 1h, 43min ago)


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Yes, you read it right. I'm pregnant! Five weeks so far... We're so exited both me and my husband.

I have always wanted to have three kids for as long as I can remember. I got my daughter in -97 and my son in -99... But then hubby started to say no to a third. I totally understand him now. But back then I just thought he was a total asshole.

Then one day in may this year he all of a sudden said to me (I hadn't spoken a word about this in a few months) that he's now ready to give me a third child. I was so happy!!! (And still am) So said and done now I'm pregnant!

Today I called the doctors office for an appointment and are going there the 16th of july.

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Sunday, February 17th 2008

2:51 (5088 days, 18h, 19min ago)


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I just realized I haven't written here for a very long time now. I feel kinda bad because of that... Oh well...

Right now my cousin is here for a visit for a few days. It's actually really nice to have her here. Although I feel a little bit old to be honest (she's about to turn 17 and I'm 29.... Need I say more?? ) Although we do have fun...

Lately life has been quite hard. My husband has gotten the diagnosis OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). For me that means a lot of controlling him so that he doesn't keep washing his hand as obsessively or other stuff like that that in the end will hurt him kwim?! At the same time I don't really handle the stress very well, so I've been quite depressed for some time now... (Not a very good combination so to speak) So what's a girl to do? When I finally realized that I can't really keep all this up I asked my neighbour for help. (She works with these kind of things) So she's actually did manage to help hubby so that he's finally starting to get better!

Last time I wrote about me going jobhunting at the nursinghome.. Well.. I didn't get that job. Not any other job either for that matter. I'm actually starting to believe that no one really want's me as an employee.... Why I don't know, but for some reason I'm starting to feel like there isn't anything out there for me.... (I guess that I feel this way because of my depression, but I could be wrong..)

The kiddos are still in fostercare, but I really hope that we will get a chance to get them back this year or next year... (Keep your fingers crossed)

That's all for now. I'll try to remember to update this a little more often....
Good night!

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Monday, September 3rd 2007

10:10 (5255 days, 12h, 1min ago)


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Today I am going for a jobhunt at the nursinghome here in the village.
I'm so nervous right now.. I hope I'll get the job!!

Yesterday in church I finally got the curage to ask if I could join the choir. They said that they would be happy to have me and took my phonenumber so that they could call me about more information on like when and where etc... Now maybe I can get somewhere with my singing again and get the practise I need to come back...

Otherwise nothing much is going on in my life for now anyways...

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Thursday, July 19th 2007

14:40 (5301 days, 7h, 31min ago)


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Well.. The past few days people around me has been asking me to pic up my singing for real.. First my mother, then my husband and my neighbours... I just can't understand why people all of the sudden are interested in hearing me sing again... Well well.. Maybe I should pic up my singing just to make people happy?! But how do one pic up something that has been "gone" for like 10 years? Oh well.. I'll figure something out I suppose..

Last night I drew a picture of my neighbour. She was so pleased with the picture that she asked me to draw a picture of her and all of her children.. I said sure I can do that.. So now I'm waiting for a few photos of her and the kids that I can draw from...

I've also now (finally) cleaned my desk. I realized that I actually had one and that it was wooden colored... *yay* I also realized that I had a kitchen sink...  

That's all for now...

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Sunday, July 15th 2007

14:06 (5305 days, 8h, 4min ago)

Oh gosh..

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I just realized that I've almost forgotten about my blog altogether... Shame on me...

Well well... Since my last update I've moved into our townhouse. And of course settled in quite well... I've also decided to find a new job so that I can have something to do during the days besides cleaning and of course earn a few extra bucks...

I've also gotten contact lenses, so now I can see properly again!

So.. What else? Not much really... It actually seems like life goes by in slow motion....

Well.. We'll see what I can write about next time...

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Monday, March 26th 2007

23:23 (5415 days, 22h, 47min ago)

Less than a week...

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Now it's less than a week left before the big move. I sooooooo look forward to move into the townhouse!! Almost everything is done before we move except for the actual packing. We decided to do the packing this last week in our appartment. So on saturday we'll be moving in! I just can't wait!!! I'll be picking up the keys on friday afternoon.

We've been planning everything in detail and I have everything under control. That feels so nice!

As you all know my health has been going up and down for quite some time now. Just the last two weeks I've been having pneumonia. The last penicillin was taken yesterday and now it just my voice that's not what it's supposed to be and some cough left to heal from. Otherwise I feel very good. I'm a little concerned about my husband though. He's been having this infection in his airways this past week and are still not well. I hope he will be good enough to drive the truck on saturday! Otherwise I think things will be a lot harder to handle if you know what I mean....

Well well.. I'm not sure that I will have time for a nother entry here before we move, but I will tell you all how things went as soon as we've settled in. See you then! 

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Wednesday, February 28th 2007

21:44 (5441 days, 23h, 26min ago)


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I've just been "hit" with this winter's flue.. Not very fun and it couldn't have come in a worse time since we're moving in just a month... I don't have time to be sick, but what can I do? Not much really more than drink warm and rest as much as I can..

The move... I so look forward to it! We've done everything except packing so far and it feels very good. We're right on schedule! Although I never realized how much stuff there was to go through. How much that was actually pure garbage... Try to think about that next time you move. I promise, you'll be amazed!

That's all for now.. Take care!!

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Tuesday, January 9th 2007

17:52 (5492 days, 3h, 19min ago)

Another boring day..

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Today has been so boring...

I went to see my therapist and made some progress.. After that I went to my friends house..

Other than that, nothing..

Well.. I hope tomorrow will be more fun than today..

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Tuesday, December 19th 2006

8:31 (5513 days, 12h, 40min ago)


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I have some really great news! The townhouse we wanted is ours!! They called me on my birthday (dec 13th) to tell us about that! I'm really thrilled! So on april fools we move in...

About my stomach.. The pain comes and goes. Some days I feel just fine and others it hurts so bad I can hardly get out of bed, but hopefully it won't be like that forever...

To night me and my husband are going to our neighbours. I look forward to that! I write more later! Ciao!

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Friday, December 8th 2006

15:13 (5524 days, 5h, 57min ago)


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A few weeks ago I went to the doctors to check why I had such a bad stomach ache. He thought it was gallstone. So today I had an appointment at the hospital to do an ultrasound. They found nothing... So now I am back at square one still wondering what's wrong with me... It's so frustrating not to know..

Otherwise no news today...

See you soon..

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