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Monday, September 3rd 2007

10:10 (5075 days, 20h, 4min ago)


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Today I am going for a jobhunt at the nursinghome here in the village.
I'm so nervous right now.. I hope I'll get the job!!

Yesterday in church I finally got the curage to ask if I could join the choir. They said that they would be happy to have me and took my phonenumber so that they could call me about more information on like when and where etc... Now maybe I can get somewhere with my singing again and get the practise I need to come back...

Otherwise nothing much is going on in my life for now anyways...

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Posted by Mike Mathews:

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Posted by Jodi Upchurch:

Awsome Angel I hope that you get the job.

Sunday, September 9th 2007 @ 0:37 (5070 days, 5h, 36min ago)

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