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Thursday, July 19th 2007

14:40 (5121 days, 16h, 9min ago)


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Well.. The past few days people around me has been asking me to pic up my singing for real.. First my mother, then my husband and my neighbours... I just can't understand why people all of the sudden are interested in hearing me sing again... Well well.. Maybe I should pic up my singing just to make people happy?! But how do one pic up something that has been "gone" for like 10 years? Oh well.. I'll figure something out I suppose..

Last night I drew a picture of my neighbour. She was so pleased with the picture that she asked me to draw a picture of her and all of her children.. I said sure I can do that.. So now I'm waiting for a few photos of her and the kids that I can draw from...

I've also now (finally) cleaned my desk. I realized that I actually had one and that it was wooden colored... *yay* I also realized that I had a kitchen sink...  

That's all for now...

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