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Wednesday, February 28th 2007

21:44 (5262 days, 9h, 13min ago)


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I've just been "hit" with this winter's flue.. Not very fun and it couldn't have come in a worse time since we're moving in just a month... I don't have time to be sick, but what can I do? Not much really more than drink warm and rest as much as I can..

The move... I so look forward to it! We've done everything except packing so far and it feels very good. We're right on schedule! Although I never realized how much stuff there was to go through. How much that was actually pure garbage... Try to think about that next time you move. I promise, you'll be amazed!

That's all for now.. Take care!!

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Posted by Jodi Upchurch:

I'm so sorry you're sick Hun. I hope that you will write some more about your move next time. Feel better Angel.

Thursday, March 1st 2007 @ 17:33 (5261 days, 13h, 24min ago)

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